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One of the fastest growing jobs in the world right now is the role of medical biller.  Medical billers do exactly what you’d think from the job title; they are the workers responsible for sending out bills to patients and insurance companies and collecting the money which is due to the doctors and other medical professionals who treat patients.  Medical billers are usually lumped in with medical coders in discussions because their jobs are connected.  The two professions are distinct from one another, however, and most medical billers are not medical coders as well.  This however is a personal choice which is up to you as you learn and advance in your career.  How much money can you make if you do decide to become a medical biller?

What Do Medical Billers Do?

medical biller salaryWhat is medical billing and codingBefore discussing salary prospects, we should look at what medical billers actually do, to make sure you are interested in the position.  Medical billers start out by taking the medical codes which are provided to them by medical coders.  As a biller you’ll know how to interpret these codes and understand the conditions, tests, and treatments that they stand for.  You’ll also know how to apply those charges to bills for patients and insurance companies.  Once you’ve billed the appropriate parties, you’ll have to track the accounts to make sure the money is paid.  It’ll be your job to send out additional bills as necessary and to follow up with patients and insurance companies.  Should there be any confusion about who is to pay, you will need to help sort out the problem and collect the money.  You will have the power to put patients on payment plans or to send delinquent bills to collections.

This job involves an administrative side and a customer service side.  You’ll need to sort information and interpret it, pay attention to detail, and make decisions which make sense regarding the data you’re processing.  Equally importantly, you’ll need to enjoy interacting with others and being a problem solver.  Insurance companies and patients will look to you to work with them to make sure that accounts are paid.  Insurance companies and patients regularly get confused about who is to pay, how, and when.  Patients also often have trouble paying their bills and need to be put on payment plans.  You’ll have to address all these problems in a way which helps everyone—the insurance companies, the patients, and the medical professionals.

Medical coders are the workers who are responsible for translating the procedures performed in a medical setting into codes for billers.  It’s a separate job, though many medical billers have the prerequisite knowledge to become coders as well.  Medical coders don’t work with the public as much, which may make the job a better match for certain dispositions.

Medical Biller Salary Expectations

What is the typical medical billing and coding salary?  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the medical billing and coding fall under the umbrella of health technician jobs.  Professionals in these roles typically make $32,350 a year and $15.55 per hour.  This figure is a median, however, so it is possible to make more or less than this amount.  Naturally when you’re starting out it is more likely that you will make a lower salary, and as you move up in your field it is more likely that you will make a higher salary.

One of the best ways to increase your salary expectations is to get certified in medical billing.  Medical billers don’t necessarily need to be certified to find work, but in today’s competitive job market it’s best to have every asset on your side that you possibly can.  You are also likely to get a higher paying job by taking this route.  It’s easier to offer a good job and a good salary to a candidate who has already demonstrated his or her knowledge on a medical biller exam which covers topics like medical coding and human anatomy.

There are other ways to improve your salary as well beyond increasing your job skills and improving your resume.  You can for example consider moving to a geographical area where medical billers make more money.  You also might try looking for a workplace which pays a higher salary.  Some hospitals, clinics, or insurance companies may pay better than others.  If you work from home, you can also hunt for a better salary among online employers.

Medical Biller Education Requirements

Do you need a degree to become a medical biller?  Fortunately, you don’t.  While there are certainly medical billers with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, this job doesn’t command a high enough salary to warrant a full education.  After you’ve completed secondary school, you can become a biller simply by taking and passing the certification exam.

The exam does ask questions of a technical nature concerning medical codes and human physiology.  You probably won’t be able to answer these questions without some further training.  Some candidates choose to train themselves using materials that they check out from libraries and research online.  Most candidates complete a training course which helps to fill in these knowledge gaps.  Such a training course can be taken online without even leaving your house.  Online schooling costs less money and is also more convenient since you don’t have to travel.  It’s a great way to supplement your knowledge and take action toward becoming a medical biller while you’re still working at another profession.  It’s also good for parents who don’t want to leave their kids at home while they attend classes.

The job market is competitive in this recession economy, but there is a high demand for medical billers.  Without medical billers and their expertise, medical professionals cannot get paid for the services they render.  Since doctors, nurses, and other practitioners will always want to be paid for their work, there will always be a role for medical billers.  Medical billers do the administrative work of collecting on patient accounts so that doctors and nurses can focus on medicine.

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